The Importance of a Financial Plan


A holistic financial plan takes all of the complex aspects of your life and finances, then streamlines it into an easy-to-understand, actionable road map. We start with where you are now and where you want to be. We factor in each life stage along the way and build protection for your current and future assets. Because each plan is tailored to the client’s specific circumstances and needs, many firms charge thousands of dollars for preparing a plan.

By developing a financial plan, your family will:
• Achieve peace of mind by developing a better understanding of your current financial 
• Identify opportunities that you can act on now
• Determine attainable goals for retirement, education, family protection and estate 
• Define your risk tolerance and an appropriate asset allocation that will motivate you 
to stay invested during times of volatility
• Develop the best funding strategies to help you reach your goals and shield against 
unexpected events like disability or premature death
• Explore effective tax minimization strategies
• Maximize and protect family assets to ensure a smooth and cost-efficient transfer of intergenerational wealth

At Frost Wealth Management®, financial planning is just one of the benefits that we offer to our clients as a value-added service