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Working with the Frost Wealth Management Team can help you free up valuable time
to focus on what's important to you-- your family.


With our support and guidance, you can reach your financial goals.


Helping to build a secure future for your family is at the core of our business.
Frost Wealth Management® has developed a proven roadmap that will guide you
to the successful attainment of your financial planning goals.




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Our Clients' Success


We believe our clients benefit greatly by having a personalized financial plan and an investment plan. Our processes will greatly enhance our clients' ability to meet their financial and retirement goals. Read More >>


We believe the Frost Financial Team is positioned to serve as the quarterback to the financial planning process. As part of this role, we coordinate the activities of client advisors and our own network of strategic partners such as tax accountants and estate lawyers.



What can we do during periods of volatility? March 17, 2022
There a many things that we, as investment professionals, cannot control: 
  • We cannot make Russia behave-- although we wish we could.
  • We cannot make the economy stronger-- although it seems to be doing that by itself. 
  • We cannot control the rate at which the central banks increase interest rates-- althought the decisions they make will affect all capital markets profoundly.
So what can we do-- and what matters about what we do?   ...
Why so many questions? November 30, 2021
  If you are an existing client, you may have noticed that we are asking a lot more questions lately. In a world where you are encouraged not to share more of your personal information than possible, this can seem a little intrusive. Rest assured, this information is necessary and required.   In part, these additional questions are due to a change in requirements from the securities industry regulator IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Orga ...