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Our Beliefs

We believe our clients benefit greatly by having a personalized financial plan and an investment plan. Our processes will greatly enhance our clients' ability to meet their financial and retirement goals.

We believe the Frost Financial Team is positioned to serve as the quarterback to the financial planning process. As part of this role, we coordinate the activities of client advisors and our own network of strategic partners such as tax accountants and estate lawyers.

We believe that client service is the cornerstone to building successful long-term relationships. We make ourselves as accessible to clients as possible; all calls are answered promptly by our team.

We believe that our best client is one who is fully informed. As a result, we have a strong commitment to client communication through regular newsletters, seminars and client appreciation events. In addition, we maintain a library of some of the very best books on personal finance available to all clients.

We believe that ultimately the greatest risk investors face is not the risk of principal loss, it is purchasing power. Over 30 year periods, equities have never failed to rise above the rate of inflation. The ultimate risk then is outliving your money while you're still alive.

We believe that our success is measured by our clients success.

"The journeyman advisor thinks money is money. The world-class financial and estate planner knows that money is love. This immortality was purchased with planning, thirft, insurance and investments blended together by the best advice which we could afford. And of course, that advice was worth untold multiples of what we had to pay for it"

          - Nick Murray, author, investor, educator


Implementing a retirement, estate, and any other form of financial plan may consist of investing in mutual funds, insurance products (such as segregated funds) and other financial instruments. Prospective investors should always obtain a copy of the offering documents in respect of each investment product (such as prospectus, information statement or folder, insurance contract, etc.), and read it carefully, including discussion of any risk factors, fees, expenses, terms, conditions and restrictions. Consult your personal tax and legal advisor before investing.

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